What to do after a car accident in California?

A car accident is always unavoidable and happens so quickly. If you get into a car accident, that is a traumatic and stressful event. The state of California has high-risk accident rates. Thousands of people get serious injuries to death every year in the United States. If you are in a car accident, what to do after a car accident in California? Some of the major steps after the accident below will come in handy. The right information and witness esareessential for your case. Sometimes your case fails for wrong evidence. Please print the document and print, and keep it in your car.

16 Steps to Take After California Car Accident

what to do after a car accident in California

After the accident police call or call 911 is very important. To note the essential information and if there have serious injuries that are the outcome car accident you need to call an ambulance. Because your safety is your priority than others. Some of the work list that you help after getting involved in a car accident.

Remain at the Scene and stay calm

A car accident is a very traumatic experience. It’s an understandable and unavoidable event if you get panicked after your wreck. However, after the accident, try to be easy and remain calm. First, check yourself and then check your passenger for any sign of serious health injury. If there have any children and old people, you must help them without informing accident event. Your vehicle may be rendered inoperative. You may be in danger from nearby traffic based on where the accident occurred.

Get to a safe location

If you are well, move to a safe location as soon as possible. Help anyone else in your vehicle do the same. Evaluate the situation and see the other driver’s condition after a car accident in California. If you and your vehicle are safe to drive but are suffering traffic on the roadway. Now you need to pull over to the side of the road or another safe location.

Gather the information about the car accident

Sometimes, collecting information is a critical step after a car accident in California. But you must need all the documents for your legal interest and protection. Some important information that you need after the car accident in California State. These are given below:

  • Name of the drivers
  • The vehicle license number plate
  • Witnesses’ names and contact information
  • Diver license number
  • Insurance policy information of all passengers and drivers who involved in a car accident
  • Contact information of other drivers and passengers
  • To take a vehicle photo of the accident scene

Call the police or call 911 (Car Accident California)

After the accident in California State, if anyone is injured, or if there is an issue about who was at fault, call the police as soon as possible. The police will document each side’s story. It is important to remember that if the faulted person admits to the accident, that person may later deny liability. When talking to the police about the accident, tell them your name and location, if anyone has been injured or needs medical attention. If there are any hazards at the accident scene, like overturned cars or fuel leaks.

Document the Scene

California State is an at-fault state in terms of car insurance and car accidents event. If the other driver is at fault, you will be able to recover compensation. If you have evidence of negligence in the accident, you will have a better chance of success in the case. As a result, preserving the right essential evidence is very essential for a car accident case. To collect the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any witnesses to your accident that are needed. If they refuse to provide contact information, take down their license plate numbers. Next, photograph the scene and any visible evidence of your injuries.

Seek medical services and monitor your health

After the accident searching for medical service is required. Safety is your always first priority. If you feel good or not injured you also call the doctor. A medical professional should assess easily you after a car accident to see what you require treatment. If you have a serious injury you have to call for an ambulance to the hospital. A medical report is important for accident cases and it will increase your chances of receiving compensation.  If you do not see a doctor and develop symptoms of injury days or weeks later, your insurance company may deny your claim. They may argue that you haven’t provided proof that your injuries were triggered by the accident. They could also claim you collapsed to mitigate your damages. Keep track of any post-accident issues

Identify and speak with any witnesses

If possible, identify any witnesses after a car accident in California to get their contact information. Listen to what they say, but do not share your thoughts on how the accident occurred.  Leave those comments to the cops.

Limitation Period for Personal Injuries (Car Accident California)

In California state, Personal injury claims must be filed within two years of the date of the accident. The Bay Area personal injury attorneys at Henshaw Law Office may help you in solving your injury claim before the statute of limitations expires of the car accident.

Never Discuss or Accept Fault

Let the officer and the insurance companies decide based on the evidence. If they ask if you were hurt in the car accident and you are unsure, about that tell them honestly. You should also make every effort to ensure that the other drivers, passengers, and observers provide accurate statements.

Report the accident

Inform your insurance company as soon as possible after a car accident in California occurs. We understand how difficult time is for you. As well as you will be to encounter all of these steps after a car accident. If you need clarification, an insurance agent can assist you in gathering the necessary information at the scene.

Keep Records

  • Keep all records and evidence related to your accident. This may include
  • medical bills,
  • images of the scene,
  • receipts,
  • a written or recorded narrative of the accident
  • and other items.

Think before you speak

Think about yourself and your accident. What to do after a car accident in California state? Among them, before speaking with the police, think about what you want to say about the accident. If you don’t know or remember about the accident, be honest. Tell them as clearly, and detailed as possible.

To take pictures of the scene of the accidents

For your legal process, you need some pictures of the accident. If possible, take pictures at the accident scene of all of the cars of any damage, before they are moved. If your vehicle is a hazard to other drivers, move it off the road if possible, and then capture it. all evidence takes safely in your hand or pocket.

Exchange information (Car Accident California)

If the police do not respond to the accident, exchange information. So, If the police do respond, this information is obtained. If they do not, write down the following information:

  • Full contact information of everyone involved in the incident, both drivers and passengers.
  • Insurance company and policy number for all vehicles associated with the car accident (if possible, take pictures of all insurance cards)
  •  Numbers on a driver’s license and on a license plate. (Take photos as well.)
  •  All of the cars involved in the accident were of the same type, color, and model.
  •  The location of the accident.

Contact a car lawyer

It takes time to deal with car accidents on your own. Many people believe that unless their injuries are very serious, insurance companies only pay for vehicle damage. Others fear contacting lawyers because they simply want to move on instead of thinking about the accident or dealing with insurance companies. After a car accident in California State, you require a car accident lawyer. We take the time to understand your goals and the expectations you have from any representation.

Consult with a medical professional

If you have a minor injury, what to do after a car accident in California state? seek medical attention right away. Injuries are often not felt as painfully until hours after the accident. A medical professional help you with minor to serious injury. If you don’t know or don’t see your internal injuries. A doctor evaluates your health condition by seeing and testing some medical tests that you are not conscious of. Depending on the severity of your injuries, seek an ambulance to a hospital, or a ride to an emergency.

Inform your insurance company after car accident California

In California state, many citizens avoid filing a car accident claim. There have some reasons for fear of raising their insurance rates. California is one of the two states where auto insurers are not allowed to raise rates

Furthermore, In the United state, most car insurance company policies require drivers’ insurance to report an accident in order to file a valid insurance claim. Even if the car accident was your own fault, you should always report it easily. The other person may report it, putting you at risk of prosecution. After the accident in California City, if you have car insurance, the insurer helps you to repair your vehicle that is harmed by the car accident. Early reporting also provides your insurer with a better opportunity to defend your injury.

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