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Alexandra E. Rossi (Lawyer)

mesothelioma lawyer louisiana

  • 7 years experience
  • Asbestos & Mesothelioma Lawyer Louisiana
  • Louisiana

Alex Rossi is an associate within the Baton Rouge office of Kean Miller. She joined the firm in 2013 and practices in the dangerous tort, word related exposure, and commercial case gatherings. Alex aids the defense of worldwide energy and petrochemical companies in connection with asbestos exposure claims. She additionally aids the representation of significant pipeline companies in the expropriation negotiations and prosecution. (mesothelioma lawyer Louisiana)

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  • Telephone- (225) 387-0999
  • Cell- (225) 389-3771
  • Fax- (225) 388-9133

Yuxian Wang (Lawyer)

mesothelioma lawyer louisiana

  • 23 years experience
  • Asbestos & Mesothelioma, Energy, Oil & Gas Law, Environmental Law,
  • Louisiana

Yuxian Wang is a partner lawyer in the Baton Rouge office of Kean Miller. She joined the firm in 1998 and rehearses in a harmful tort suit, oil and gas case, asbestos prosecution and hearing misfortune case. Yuxian has broad involvement with protecting the petrochemical and assembling ventures in claims guaranteeing concoction presentation. She has specific aptitude in prosecution including the vinyl chloride industry including suit identified with charges of malignancy and different wounds emerging from vinyl chloride introduction, just as case identified with the supposed presentation to ethylene dichloride.

She speaks to modern customers in guarding asbestos and hearing misfortune claims. She additionally works with oil investigation and refining organizations in claims via landowners guaranteeing property harms identified with oil and gas tasks including surface and groundwater defilement, NORM sullying and wetlands misfortune.

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  • Telephone- (225) 382-3429
  • Fax- (225) 388-9133

Bart Bernard (Lawyer)

mesothelioma lawyer louisiana

  • 24 years experience
  • Personal Injury, Maritime Law, Workers’ Compensation…
  • Louisiana

Bart Bernard Personal Injury firm focuses on cases identified with Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, and Motorcycle Accidents including those including 18-wheelers and other business trucks. Different regions of center incorporate Construction Accidents, Maritime Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death, Slip and Fall, Workers Compensation, Nursing Home Abuse, Accident Injuries, Personal Injury, Dangerous Drugs, Defective Medical Devices.

Bart Bernard opened his very own physical issue law office in 1997, He has been serving the network of Louisiana for more than 20 years. Bart has won millions in settlements for his customers and keeps doing as such.

Bart is perceived as “Best of 2017”, “Best Lawyer” and “Best Law Firm” in the area. Bart earned his J.D. from Louisiana State University’s Paul M. Hebert Law Center in 1995. He went through a year clerking for U.S. Chapter 11 Judge Gerald H. Schiff in the Western District of Louisiana and afterward joined the lawful division at Harrah’s Casino in New Orleans.

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  • Toll-Free- (337) 989-2278
  • Telephone- (337) 989-2278

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