Southwest Ohio highway pileup involving at least 86 vehicles; one girl dies

southwest ohio highway pileup involving at least 86 vehicles
On Monday, January 21, 2013, in Cincinnati, semi-trucks and other automobiles engaged in a multi-car collision are scattered throughout westbound Interstate 275 between Colerain Avenue and Hamilton Avenue. There were roughly twenty injuries from the event. In Ohio, there have been distinct highway pileups involving numerous cars. Up to fifty cars may be involved in a pileup on Interstate 75 in southwest Ohio, according to the authorities.

Monday saw numerous highway pileups caused by blowing snow and icy roads throughout the state. One of  these pileups occurred west of Cincinnati and claimed the life of a 12-year-old girl. At least 86 vehicles were involved.

There were at least four pileups that entangled scores of cars, including the collision on Interstate 275 close to the Cincinnati suburb of Colerain Township. When police arrived on the site just after 11:30 a.m., they found many chain-reaction crashes.

According to the Hamilton County sheriff’s office, the 12-year-old girl had exited a damaged car and was standing in the median next to a cable barrier, which is a form of fencing composed of steel wire cables that resemble ropes. According to office spokesperson Jim Knapp, a second car rammed the barrier, breaking a cable that struck the youngster and killed her.

According to the office, at least 20 people were sent to hospitals, but their injuries weren’t thought to be life-threatening.

Authorities reported that there was debris all across the freeway and that it was closed for hours.

Lt. Tory Smith of the Hamilton County sheriff’s office told the Cincinnati Enquirer, ” It was just chaos, absolute chaos. “

Although the sheriff’s office stated that the collision was still being investigated, bad weather was mentioned. There had been reports of ice and snow building up on the road. It was difficult to see.

On Monday, there were isolated areas of heavier precipitation around the state in addition to sporadic snow showers.

In southwest Ohio, a pileup involving up to 50 cars occurred on I-75 between Middletown and Monroe. Just before noon, there were reports of minor injuries in the collision, according to a State Highway Patrol dispatcher.

Snowfall at the time of the pileup created “white-out conditions,” according to State Highway Patrol Sgt. James Russell, who spoke with the Middleton Journal. This could have led the initial drivers to lose control and cause the disaster.

Van Wert resident Luke Stevens, a witness, told the newspaper he was in a car at the head of the collision.

“The entire highway was covered in ice, “he stated.

An midday pileup on I-71 near Mansfield comprised four tractor-trailers and roughly twenty cars, according to the state patrol. Moreover, I-270 lanes were momentarily halted due to a multi-vehicle collision close to Columbus.


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